Are Genius and Madness Even Closer Than we Think?

“no great genius was without a mixture of insanity”
– Aristotle

“They say madness runs in our family. Some even call me mad! And why? Because I dared to dream …of my own race of atomic monsters! Atomic supermen with octagonal-shaped bodies that suck blood out of…”
-Prof. Hubert Farnsworth

To be clear, by genius I mean the ability for humans to think at the level we do. And by madness, I mean madness. A recent study suggests that we have our big brains at a high price: schizophrenia. It comes down to the massive metabolism needs that our brains have. A team led by evolutionary biologist Philipp Khaitovich of the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology created an experiment to see how much genes that are involved in schizophrenia have evolved since humans split from chimpanzees. Continue reading