Well, here’s yet another blog

I’ll hopefully have thoughts here on:

  • Software Development. I’m a software developer focusing on user interface design and development.
  • Starting your own business. I started Nepaug Business Solutions in 2002, and we have been very busy since 2005.
  • Getting Things Done, or GTD. I started using this system earlier this year, and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it.
  • Silly conspiracy theories. I like to follow crackpot consipracy theories because they involve such extreme suspension of disbelief and lateral thinking. Also, they are usually very, very funny. The Da Vinci Code was the best thing to happen since it’s first edition, called The Illuminatus Trilogy.

However, it’ll probably be mostly:

  • Random incoherent ramblings that are half edited and a quarter written
  • Insipid random comments that may or may not make sense.
  • And many, many other blogging traditions.